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Corporators go on study tour to Shimla

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45 corporators along with some officers have left for a study tour to Shimla on Tuesday. They would go to Shimla from Mumbai to Chandigarh by flight and then by bus.

The roads in the city are in bad condition, the corporation cries it does not have money to pay pension and even undertake new works due to a dearth of funds, but when it comes to Shimla study tour it was passed by all Corporators and even they got the State Govt approval in a months time.


A couple of months back a delegation from Shimla was here on a visit and they had invited the Corporators to visit Shimla.

Last year a few corporators had gone to Chandigarh on a similar study tour.

So it is the typical case of ‘yardo duddu Yellammana jatre’ (feasting on someone else’s money).

8 thoughts on “Corporators go on study tour to Shimla”

  1. This is sheer waste and running away from responsibility. The roads are bad, No drainage system and gutters with stagnant water, garbage everywhere, ganesh pendals still in place creating so much inconvenience to commuters are some of the problems that need immediate attention and not a trip to Shimla in the name is a study tour.

  2. 15 lakh rupees sanctioned for study tour and they are going to kulu Manali… What they going to learn there … Whether we can turn Belgaum in Manali? Who are they making fool …

  3. Wah re wah… Terrible roads.. bad gutter conditions and this useless creatures go on tour to shimla what a shame… Heavy trucks shake my house and that’s the condition of the roads… This people go to Shimla and specially the main corporators who don’t have any knowledge and they don’t even know what’s going on in areas around them when asked the secretary says corporator doesn’t do anything it’s be who does everything. When main corporator asked about why are we suffering then he/she has no answers. That’s the current situation in India.. They’ll roam and come on free govt ka Paisa…. Shameless people

  4. Everyone is just are posting their comments and criticism. Does anyone have the Guts to approach the court and file a PIL against the corporation for wasting public money? Someone should bring a stay order to this wasteful spending. What is the lawyer’s association doing? Pot hole ridden roads, drainage system in shambles. Citizens should come forward and challenge such decisions. Any brave heart?

  5. Corporators should have completed their studies before they were hired for their given postions. They are enjoying the trip by spending taxpayers money while tax payers are suffering stuck in multiple mud holes on Belgavi city roads. Is that really justifiable in their right mind?


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