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Giveaway from Starnet Computers

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August 7, marks the completion of FOUR YEARs of

And what 4years it have been! Looking back at the Four years only gives us confidence to look forward with renewed energy and motivation.
The triple ā€œSā€ ā€“ Strong Support System that we have been blessed with by way of YOU, the readers humbles us greatly.

So here is the Second Give away for you readers from Starnet Computers:starnet computers

ONE Wireless head Phone setheadphone

TEN Laptop Skins

skinStarnet Computers, #3117, Khade Bazaar, Belgaum. 0831 2400884


Leave a VALID Comment with a VALID EMAIL id.

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All comments upto August 13, 2011 will qualify for the giveaway and Winners will be announced on 14th August, 2011.

Make sure to leave a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

Winners will be chosen randomly.
It is assumed that if you participate by leaving a comment you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Giveaway.

25 thoughts on “Giveaway from Starnet Computers”

  1. At the outset i would like to congratulate Mr Uday Kinjawadekar and entire all about belgaum team for successful completion of 4 years of Grand slam. Hope all about belgaum will help the city of belgaum not only leave an information of its great history on the world wide web, but it will also fill up the cyberspace with radiance of great cultural history of Karnataka and India… Congrats once again, and i hope we will soon see all about belgaum completing its silver jubilee anniversary…. All the very best to Uday sir and his Team…..

  2. A big Congratulations to AAB team…!! Keep your work up all the time. I am Pavan Patil, working at Pune from past 3 years. When I came to Pune for the first time, I was literally hunting for the Belgaumities, Belgaum news papers to keep myself connected with the Belgaum soil. During the initial days here, on Google search I found AAB site(earlier it was & from then onward AAB became one of my most favorite site. This is the only site that keeps me updated on the happenings in Belgaum city.
    I am really proud of it.

  3. HI AAB team,

    First of all congratulations on completing 4 successful years. Thanks for all the social work done. You deserve applaud. Keep doing the great work.

    3 cheers.


  4. hey..uday,heartiest congratulations.
    You and your site is a great help for people like me who come from different places to belgaum.whether its the place,food,lifestyle or movies….you cover it all.
    Thanx a ton for delivering all the information so aptly and giving a new face to media journalism.
    All the best.keep rocking.

  5. Hi,
    Congratulation uday for completing 4 successful years. few years back it was diffcult to get news from belgaum there was no site giving information on things happening in belgaum.

    To can recollect some memories

    use to visit the the old belgaum blog site to get news
    satish kumar from belgaumnri blog use to contribute many articles in initial days I think he deserve a big thanks he used to point about AAB covering news
    Though seen many commets on articles with border issue there were never really much hate comments
    covered most news and followed up on many events
    Belgaum trivia was very interesting
    Articles on star of belgaum was very impressive though they have become less in recent months
    helped with IT initiatives itbelgaum to bring IT community togeather and always was first stop to get any IT related events like IT Expo, tech events at engineering colleges and the place to get list of all IT related companies in belgaum


  6. Congratulations to the whole team of Starnet Computers on completion of 4 years in the business which is having pretty tough survival conditions due to cut-throat competition in and around Belgaum city.

  7. The recent spate of posts on various waterfalls bear belgaum has helped me in planning a good many outings. This is just one of the many advantages that All about belgaum provides residents of Belgaum who aren't locals.
    Please continue the good work and hope to see you prosper in the years to come.
    Thanks and Regards

  8. Uday your name is perfect match for ABB this is only raising to the full shining…and this will not stop, For us ABB is only connection to the home Belgaum. Congratulations for the fourth anniversary and God bless.

  9. Many Congrats to the Admin and Members of the for completing their 4 years , making site a great success and wishes Best of Luck for the Future .. šŸ™‚

    Thank You ..

  10. Congos to team aab!

    You guys have done a great job gettin us in touch wid d latest happenings around in our city….earlier it was so hard (not anymore!) to get info on events,people,addresses,food movies…anything you name it…Uday you have raised the bar and made us proud and so have sandeep and nilesh at starnet…they are surely going to be ahead of any competition here…

    Both aab and starnet…way to go guys …we now expect only d best from here on…and also know dat u will stand true to all expectations!

    All The Best!!!:)

  11. wat for already exiting members who are from the day 1st on diz page šŸ˜› šŸ˜›
    becoz i am member from the day page took birth


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