Glass bridge at Gokak Falls

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Inspired by the glass bridge in China, a similar bridge is being constructed at Rajgir in Bihar’s Nalanda district and now a similar bridge is envisaged just 20 meters away from Gokak Falls.

Minister Ramesh Jarkhiholi has envisaged a 350 crore development plan for Gokak as a tourist hub.

glass bridge
 glass bridge in Bihar (Photo: Avinash Kumar Pandey/Twitter)

A glass bridge to be built opposite Gokak Falls

Water sports, boating in Gokak

Haridwar Model Ganga Worship at Gokak Falls

After the widening of the roads of Gokak city, beautification of Gokak

Hidkal Dam, Gokak Falls and Godachinmalki falls are quite nearby and all the three would now be developed as a toursit hub as per the plan of Minister Jarkhiholi.

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