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Good Samaritans do it again- Grandpa gets a new life

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Belagavi is a city full of kind-hearted people who waste no time in helping the needy. People with a big heart are found in abundance here who quickly come to the rescue of people with problems. We have witnessed this Spirit of Belagavi during the floods of 2019 or during the Covid crisis in 2020 and many other such times of distress. 

One day on her morning walk, Renuka Ankalgi saw an old age ajja sleeping under a tree in Hindwadi. It was chilling cold and the ajja was sleeping with just a thin blanket and had eaten just a Kachori in the previous night. It was learned that ajja was sleeping here for months and a few good Samaritans nearby offered him food. Sometimes street dogs would run away with the food kept beside him.


Ajja’s name is Ashok Chedchal who is from Deshnur village. Ajja is unmarried and was abandoned by the family. He was working in a loom and as his eyesight was weakening due to age, he was removed from the job. He was then staying at Ankalgi math but that too got closed in the lockdown. Ajja had no option than to walk towards the city and seek some help. 

Renuka contacted few people who are into social service like Gouri Gajbar, Sulakshana Sutar, Sheetal Chilami, Varun Karkhanis,  Dharmen Purohit who used their contacts trying to place the ajja in some shelter house. Finally, Shankar Maledar took complete responsibility of ajja and took him to a shelter house in Khasbag.
Ajja was given a hair cut and shave, made to bath in hot water, given clothes and was served with feast lunch which was being prepared on the eve of Christmas. Dharmen Purohit visited the shelter and offered help to construct a dressing room for female members. Later in the evening, Santosh Darekar reached the center with some fruits and jalebi. It was a pleasure to see all Samaritans working together to get a home for ajja. 

The shelter house presently has 38 such members and we request Belgaumites to visit the center and help in whatever way possible. Address opp to Sai Bhavan Yedurappa road. Contact Shankar Maledar 8147702050.

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