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Goa Liberation Vintage War tank restored by the army

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Two war Tanks can be seen on the outskirts of RC Nagar i.e Beyond Guru Prasad Colony on the way to Mandolli village.

It is lying here for ages, and sources say it is lying here since 1960 when the Indian army used Belgaum(now Belagavi) as a base station to over power the Portuguese in Goa.

The tank has been lying there for more than 50 years now and it is a Sherman M Type DD(Duplex Drive) Tank.

Both were in a very bad shape all thanks to the citizens who made it into a garbage spot.

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Now the Indian Army has restored the same by cleaning it and painting the tanks.

Information boards were put up there earlier as well to save this but our citizens should follow it and maintain the sanctity of the War and Honour National Pride.

How it was earlier

tank in belagavi

tank in belagavi
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3 thoughts on “Goa Liberation Vintage War tank restored by the army”

  1. Thanks to defence who have taken it in their custody & kindy fence it all sides. Strict action or heavy fine should be taken & general should be warned.

  2. Commendable Work done by army . Infact they have not only restored the Tanks but gave it the respect it deserve by honouring it.
    Hats off to Camouflaged Guys.

  3. Very good work, but too late, anyway, will they keep any sentry or fence? Otherwise it wouldn’t take time to go back to their previous condition, why cant they be shifted to better & safer place in the cantonment?


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