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4.5 kg gold worth Rs 2.5 crore going missing : Cops in the dock

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The Belagavi cops are in the dock as the 4.5 kg gold worth Rs 2.5 crore going missing from a car which was seized by Yamakanmardi policemen in January, a top police officer told The New Indian Express on the condition of anonymity. 

Acting on the orders of higher ups, police had intercepted a car near Yamakanmardi in the outskirts on January 9 and had seized it. Gokak DySP Javed Inamdar and a PSI had stopped the car and a case was booked against the vehicle owner on suspicion of modifying the vehicle in violation of law.   A son of a retired DySP from Hubli-Dharwad is said to be the mastermind, who got his hands on gold which was concealed in the same car, the story added.

When the car was released on orders of a local court, the vehicle owner who hails from Mangaluru drove away with the car in March, only to find the gold kept in the airbag missing. According to police, the owner of the car had designed the airbag so delicately that he had got a box fixed inside the airbag section which nobody could even suspect.

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However, the retired DySP’s son had got a wind and tipped off the police about the gold being smuggled in the same car which was later intercepted and seized by Yamakanmardi police. The car was in the custody of Yamakanmardi police for several weeks before it was released by the court and handed back to the owner.   The owner of the car had lodged a complaint with the police. To dig deep, the case has been handed over to CID.

Source The New Indian Express

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