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Gomatesh Shed removal HC grants stay

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MLA Sanjay Patil seeks 10 days to remove encroachment, on June 22 staff of the city corporation arrived to remove the illegal shed which is said to be constructed on a road at Hindwadi just opposite Gomatesh Viydapeeth.

MLA Sanjay Patil requested that he be granted 10 days to shift all the machinery inside the shed which a automobile workshop. Heeding to the MLA’s request Kurer has given the MLA 10 days to remove this shed which is encroached. Now that the 10 days time is over, the High court has granted an interim stay for 15 days and will hear the matter on July 10.

Gomatesh Vidyapeeth has approached the High court and he court has granted them an interim stay.


5 thoughts on “Gomatesh Shed removal HC grants stay”

  1. Bloody selfish MLA and their politics really shamed. Just using his political power he stopped enchrochment. What about common people who lost their livelyhood home. this is best example of intolerance.

  2. Corporation is helping only politicians. there is neither any help nor any courtesy towards normal public of Belgaum.

    Govt officers are working for politicians and not as public servant.

  3. I really don’t understand why corporation is wasting thier valuable time going behind politicians. It’s time for officials to visit thier history books and see politicians are always right no matter what they do. Rules are only for mango people and not for politicians.

    Respected officers please go and remove enrochment of daily wage workers and mango people as they will not object ur decision and have no time and money to approach courts to get stay.

    We daily wage workers and mango people are curse to the society. Right.

  4. This is all on the expected lines. why the corporation officials gave more than 1and half years to this politician to remove the shed? were they waiting for the stay? this politician has told in 2015 only that he will remove the shed immediately after the exams are over.But he did not remove it? Had it been ordinary common man, they would have removed it by using force.What a shame that politicians are getting done everything according to their wish and will.this politician is from BJP.Modi ji is striving hard for the development of nation and this politician is striving hard for self development at the cost of public land.


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