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Goods Shed to be shifted to Desur from Nov 1

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The Goods Shed at the Belagavi railway station, at last, would be shifted to Desur from November 1, 2019, as per the circular.

The authority has ordered the closure of the Good shed at Belagavi for all goods from 1st November 2019. the goods traffic dealt at Belagavi goods shed will be dealt at Desur.

This was a long pending demand as those lines can be utilised for trains and also as pit lines or platforms.

First, it was planned to shift the Goods shed to Sambra but now the SWR has shifted the same to Desur.

Once the Goods Shed is moved from here it would make way for another Entrance from another side the Current Goods shed side. This also has been a long pending demand of the citizens for another entrance with a proper platform from the Good Shed side.

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2 thoughts on “Goods Shed to be shifted to Desur from Nov 1”

  1. that’s good either move to Desur or Sambra which ever is feasible and optimal to the city and it will benefit the city. and if the other side entrance that would be great we would have 6 platform awesome and many trains can start from Belgaum


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