Traffic cop snatches mobile after altercation

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This incident has been shared from near Mujawar arcade (11-10-19) where a Police constable is seen snatching away a mobile of a citizen while he was trying to shoot the video. Eyewitnesses say his bike was picked up by the towing van as it was parked in no parking while another version is that he wasn’t wearing a helmet and he was using the mobile while driving, but in the altercation that happened the Traffic Constable, it looks like snatched the mobile which is visible.

Commissioner of Police Belagavi City is this fair? the person in an argument may be wrong or right we can’t decide. But do the Constables have a right to snatch the mobile?
The traffic cops were given Body cameras some time ago to record such incidents only that occur, but we never see anyone wearing the body cameras.


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