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IIIT in Dharwad now

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Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) which was planned to be setup at Gulburga is now being shifted to Dharwad.

Twenty such institutes would be set up by the centre across the country.

IIIT will be established on a private-public partnership model, with Centre bearing 50 per cent of the cost of establishing the institute.  The state government will bear 35 per cent, and industry will bear 15 per cent of the total cost. The capital expenditure will be around Rs 128 crore, while the Centre  will provide partial support towards recurring expenditure of upto Rs 10 crore to the IIIT depending on requirements.

State Higher Education Minister V S Acharya said the IIIT was being shifted as Gulbarga already had two universities. ESIC is also establishing a medical college and hospital in Gulbarga. Since there is a constraint on land, it was decided to shift the IIIT to Dharwad.

PS: State Government of Karnataka, there is one place known as Belgaum in your state which also houses the states Technological university. Dharwad already has TWO universities- KUD and University of Agricultural sciences. Isnt there a Land constraint in Dharwad after all industries, colleges are opened there.

10 thoughts on “IIIT in Dharwad now”

  1. Belgaum never looses or gains . Its the fault of citizens like us who just comment and forget. I would request the admin to start a awareness poll and submit the results to all the media.
    Belgaum being one of the main contributor of taxes to the state. Development is our right not a request to be made. As the country is one, I dont mean that the taxes paid should be used only for Belgaum. But neglecting one of the most promising part of Karnataka for nearly 50 years is no excuse.


    • I fully endorse your views and ideas. An initiative should be launched under the leadership of AAB and Belgaumites like me will participate. We can send recommendations to the Central and state govts. We can also send an open letter to the PM and the CM bringing to their notices injustice meted upon the region by the successive govts.

  2. We, Belgaumites are a divided lot, spineless and with no focus. We lack that 'killer instinct'.
    We, atleast the so called educated lot should all come under one banner and fight for our rights.
    I visit Belgaum atleast once a year and feel sorry for the state of affairs there. The British chose our city for establishing a Military cantonment and an Airforce station. All the consecutive state governments after forming Karnataka state not only neglected the city, they simply ruined it!
    Let us give a fresh try and work for its upliftment.

    • Your right in saying we are divided amongst ourselves, but the British chose Belgaum for an Army and Airforce base as an close proximity towards Goa.. then ruled by Portugals! In karnataka its either Bangalore or Hubli.. all else is granted..

  3. Why don't we unite to do something for this lovely city. All of you who wants to do something for Belgaum,please be in touch with me.Together we can.

  4. Hi,

    The divide is created by Human nature, are we seeing the state of Kashmir. One place which was called the paradise on earth is burning to flames. Belgaum issue cant be compared to Kashmir, but you can relate the negligence of th region which sooner or later will see some protest. In a BBC documentary about Kashmir the people are so frustrated that no one wants to be on the either side ?

    Can we derive the reason ? Yes its neglecting the region and the same is falling upon Belgaum. Neither of the two states care about the region.

    I always believed that instead of fighting over the ownership of the region, why dont we offer a solution that dosen't hurt anyone ? Why we always wait for an example, why cant we create an example to be followed.

    Instead of debating on the issue, we should now debate on the solution, which will be an example for the selfish minded citizens and the politician they elect.


  5. It good, Dharwad was always the city of universities etc hence good to have IIT at Dharwad. No harm for Belgaum, infact the students can come to Belgaum for good night out, eating out etc which in turn will help Belgaum businesses.


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