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Green Saviours 5th Plantation drive

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The Green Saviours team as part of the Venugreen Project conducted their 5th plantation drive at Gulmohur Colony, Vadgaon Road, Belagavi. Nearly 100 members of the group in addition to a large number of residents from the colony participated. The team planted nearly 40 trees including their 150th tree, cleaned the area & dug up a composting pit to make manure using fallen leaves. Green Saviours is working continuously to ensure that all the planted trees survive.

green-saviours.jpgThe group wishes to thank the residents of the colony for their support and look forward to associating with residents across the city in order to plant thousands of trees. While they are planting only limited trees as of now, the real plantation drive will begin with the onset of the rains.

Green Saviours invites Belgaumites both within and away from the city to join them in their effort to restore the greenery in the city.

To be a Green Saviour contact or whatsapp 09611313919 or email [email protected].

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