Green Saviours plant 850 trees

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Greetings from Green Saviours!

The Green Saviours team on their 48th consecutive Sunday of work planted a mini forest with around 850 trees at the PWD Compound at Fort, Belagavi.

Adopting the Miyawaki method of plantation which involves elaborate site preparation and dense plantation of trees, the Green Saviours prepared their second Miyawaki Mini Forest. This method of plantation produces a full grown forest in about 3 years.

The team which commenced work in April 2016 has planted and maintained over 3000 trees of various local varieties.

green-saviourThey have shifted to Miyawaki plantation methodology since January 2017 and will be creating several mini forests in and around Belagavi.

The team wishes to thank the PWD for providing the site and promising to maintain it. Employees of the department in individual capacity also contributed 300 saplings for the plantation. The Departments of Horticulture also assisted the Green Saviours by providing saplings.

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  1. I am inspired. I am proud with the team. I fell that belgaum will be back to its glory as green heaven in the next couple of years with Green Saviours.


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