Letter boxes now on Rani Chennamma Express train


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After the success of the ‘letter boxes’ introduced on three Railway Mail Service (RMS) coaches, the Karnataka Circle of India Post will introduce the same on more routes.

Letters and postcards posted in these boxes can be delivered the next morning at specified locations, which otherwise takes at least two days.



Photo Courtesy The Hindu

The letter boxes are being reintroduced after a gap of over three decades, when it was discontinued in 1984.

At present, the boxes have been put on Rani Chennamma (Bengaluru-Kolhapur), Chennai Mail (Bengaluru-Chennai), Hubballi-Vijayawada, and Netravathi (Thiruvananthapuram-Mumbai LTT) trains.

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  1. It is a wise step to bring back people to use India Post services.
    Old timers know how Post office had Night air service which took off from all 4 metros and exchanged post packets after landing in Nagpur. This ensured delivery of letters next day in all metros.

  2. That is the price you pay for the convenience and speed. Instead you would have paid dearly for an express courier.


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