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Groom arrested for demanding 10 lakhs dowry in Khanapur

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By uday

An individual has been arrested and subsequently imprisoned for demanding dowry in Khanapur town of Belagavi district, as confirmed by officials on Tuesday.

The incident occurred in Khanapur town, leading to the incarceration of the groom, identified as Sachin Patil, in Hindalga Prison.

According to the police, the bride’s family had initially agreed to provide 50 grams of gold and Rs 1 lakh in cash as dowry for the groom. The wedding was scheduled to take place at the Lokamanya Choultry. However, as the wedding date approached, the groom’s family unexpectedly demanded an increase to 100 grams of gold and Rs 10 lakh in cash.

When the bride’s family refused to comply with this new demand, the accused, Sachin Patil, called off the marriage.


Subsequently, the bride’s family, who had made all the necessary arrangements for the wedding, filed a complaint against the groom with the Khanapura police.

As a result, the police apprehended the groom and subsequently sent him to prison.

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