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Halga Macche Bypass contractor gets notice to finish work in 3 months

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The National Highways Authority has instructed the concerned contractor to complete Halga to Machhe bypass in the next three months. As a result, work on the Halga-Macche bypass is now expected to accelerate.

The road from Khanapur to Belagavi has been under construction for the last several months the contractor of the said road also has been asked to complete in the next 3 months.

The work of the toll plaza at Ganeshbail is nearing completion and related work will be completed in the next 8 to 10 days. Efforts are being made to complete other works as soon as possible.

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While the work of Khanapur road is being completed, the police force is being used to complete the work of the Halga-Machche bypass as soon as possible. Despite strong opposition from farmers, the bypass road is likely to be completed in the near future.

With the exception of three flyovers in the Halga-Machche bypass, other works will be completed soon. The farmers have decided to intensify their court battles.

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