Ok – No Parking – but where to Park is the Question?

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Parking is considered to be one of the most indispensable components of the development plans of cities in India. But it seems that the road infrastructure today is unable to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for automobiles that keep clogging up most cities during rush hour.

As spaces begin to increasingly shrink in cities, parking has become a major concern. It is important to note that most parking areas available are not public.

With the rapid growth of the economy, owning a car is not a big deal, but finding a parking spot has become a treasure hunt. Everybody wants to drive their car, and it is this mindset that has caused the parking space crisis. So, what is the solution to the parking space crisis? In this blog, we throw some light on how to manage the worsening parking space problem.

The National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) of India aims to direct the State governments to make suitable revisions to building rules in order to provide adequate parking spaces for the public. It mentions that parking fees should reflect the market value of the land developed for parking. If the current parking woes people face are anything to go by, the implementation of these laws has been lacking, to say the least.

Determination of parking space is a state subject and delegated to urban local bodies through the process of decentralization.
The enforcement of parking rules comes under the traffic police who has the power to fine under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and to even tow a vehicle for which current charges are

For Bikes it is 1650

LMV/Car – Rs. 2150

Again there are NO PARKING signs but no PARK HERE signs for cars especially.

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Most streets have an odd and even formula for parking two wheelers. But there are no markings on the road within which the bike has to be parked. So people see bikes parked and keep adding to it and at the end, the same is towed away as Police say it is a no parking space.

Proper infrastructure to park the vehicles: The authorities should come up with new ways to create new parking spaces around the cities. For example, the construction of multi-level parking spaces might be conventional or automated. The conventional method will be suitable for Indian conditions as it is economical and easy to manage.

To solve the issue of lack of parking space, first, we have to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. An efficient and flawless public transport system will play a key role in reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. If the public transport of a city is good, then automatically people will ditch the private vehicles. Public transport is economical, and it plays a huge role in reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

The police say it is the job of the City corporation to provide Parking and we better not speak about the corporation here.
They could not get the multi-parking built for the last decade. One more parking at Shaniwar Khoot is lying unutilized for reasons only known to them.

no parking
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An appropriate parking facility has to be provided by the corporation. Public parking place is a basic need, hence providing basic amenities is the onus of officials before imposing the law.

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