Halga Macche Bypass- DC says work is allowed by court | Farmers say No

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Farmers have continued their fight against the work of the Halga-Machhe Bypass. While farmers are arguing that the High Court has issued a stay on all works, the Deputy Commissioner said they have the legal permission to start the work as per the court.

Meanwhile, farmer leader Raju Marve said that the work of bypass has been started illegally in direct violation of the stay order of the High Court. Officials of the National Highways Authority have said that the ‘proceeding stay’ of the Halga-Machche bypass road has been canceled.

In fact, the stay order cannot be revoked unless the ‘zero point’ is fixed, the court has made clear. Similarly, the 50 farmers have filed lawsuits. No bypass road work should be done till their result. The High Court order clearly states that even a simple grass stick should not be touched.

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However, bypassing the order, contempt of court and throwing dust in the eyes of farmers in the name of proceedings stay is being done. However, the state government should take this seriously and stop road work immediately.

Deputy Commissioner, MG Hiremath, made this clear, said, “We have begun work on the Halaga-Machhe Bypass last time. Then the district court issued a stay order, so the work was stopped. The National Highway Authority had then applied for an injunction order at the Dharwad High Court. But farmers are arguing that the injunction is no longer cleared. He said the High Court had legally sanctioned the construction of the Halga Machhe Bypass.

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