Harshavardhan Patil requests President to travel by Road when in Belagavi

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President Ram Nath Kovind could fly around the city in a helicopter when he visits Belagavi on September 15, for a college event, as officials have found the roads to be ‘non motor-able’.

Advocate Harshavardhan Patil has written to the President of India, as the officials say the road in ‘non-motorable’ for the First Citizen of the country, then how are the same motorable for the ordinary citizens.

Patil has further requested the Honorable President to insist that he will travel by road to the venue. And due to this, the roads will get repaired.

Currently, the repair work of various roads in the city right from Airport to GIT, the venue is under progress.

The road humps on the entire stretch have been already removed, the dividers are been washed and painted as well.

Speaking to AAB, Patil said that, the letter sent to the Honorable President is the voice of the citizens as each one is heard saying that, roads are been made only because of the visit of the President. Copy of the same has also been sent to The Governor and the Chief Minister. He further raised the question as to why only 20-25 kms stretch of road is been repaired when there are 96 kms road in the city and most of them are bad. 


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  1. Thank you Mr.Patil for taking a bold step to fight for the right on behalf of Belgavi citizens. If more people like you step up then Belgavi would be a beautiful city to live in, instead of being in muddy dusty potholes city.
    One has to wonder how durable those roads which are being repaired. Those contractors are lousy people who construct cheapest and lowest grade roads so that they can have the job to redo the repair after one rain washes away or erodes the road to create more potholes.


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