HC stays demolition of houses on Mandoli Smart road

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The Dharwad bench of the Karnataka High court has given a stay on the removal of houses on the planned Smart Mandoli Road as the Corporation has not given any compensation.

Seven residents who loose more than 50% of their houses in Dwarka nagar on Mandoli road approached the court to get relief and the court has given them relief until the next hearing.

The Mandoli road is to be made into a Smart road of 80 feet and a few houses have been built more than 5 decades ago. Out of which 5 will face demolition out of which 2 houses will loose more than 50% of the construction due the new road.

In Chougule wadi many houses will loose 5-7 feet of the construction and in Dwarka nagar a few houses will have to loose the boundary walls, but in Ayodhya Nagar 5 families will be homeless after the widening.

The persons loosing their land have approached Sashidhar Kurer to get compensation but they haven’t heard anything from him so they approached the High court.

It is really amazing to know how the government wants to acquire the land for roads but not pay compensation. The same has happened in the city are where no compensation was paid but the road were widened.

Now the work on this smart road will come to a stand still until the same is cleared from the Court.

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  1. This is ridiculous especially when both the parties were aware of the Smart City development. This only shows the lethargy of the Govt in making the city a really smart one.


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