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Healthy Environment for children need of the hour – Dr. Paramesh

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belgaumBELGAUM: Dr. H Paramesh delivered Dr. S G Desai oration lecture at 27th South zone and 32nd Karnataka State Annual Conference of Indian Academic of Pediatrics at Dr. B S Jirge auditorium.

Dr. Paramesh delivered oration lecture on the subject; Shape the future of life; Healthy Environment for children. In his hour long oration he advocated the point that children need safe, fair and healthy world. He noted that, rapid urbanization, globalization, haphazard industrialization, population explosion had very bad impact on the children. Pollution of air, water, milk, food, soil and the breast milk of the mother is also polluted lamented Dr. Paramesh. Children’s in the industrialized world are exposed to harmful chemicals, pollutants, pesticides. On account of such huge pollution in the environment 25% of children in Bangalore are exposed to environmental diseases said Dr. Paramesh. Skin rashes, cough, sore throat, burning sensation in eyes, wheezing in young age group in Banagalore is on the rise opined Dr. Paramesh. He also said, the Urban children suffer more from environmental pollution than rural children.

Todays children are over exposed to heavy school bag, computer, internet, cell phones. Excessive exposure to Television and eating while watching TV has an adverse effect on the digestive system of children, parents and society need to address this issue immediately said Dr. Paramesh. He also lamented that, 81% Indian rural population has colour TV, mobile phone but don’t have toilets, which is a potential pollutant. He also referred certain international studies with facts and figures which have proved pesticides in soft drinks. He also referred ill effects of spraying endosulfan in Kasargod in the year 1976.

He called on the policy makers of the country to take serious stock of the effect of environment on children and devise immediate policies like green cities, green schools, green fuel. He further said the need of the hour is massive awareness, education among the masses. He also called on the citizen to stick to the basics of each one teach one and plant a tree for better future.


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