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Heavy vehicles banned on Railway over bridge at Gogte Circle

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Today Tarun Bharat had made a story stating that the Railway Over Bridge is in a bad state and with heavy vehicles plying on it the danger of the same collapsing increases.
It may be noted that the said Bridge was built by the British and work commenced in 1901 and work was completed in 1905. In 2005 the company which had built the said bridge which has its office in England sent a letter to the Corporation stating that the guarantee of the bridge is over and it would be better if a new one is constructed and the company has no responsibility hence forth.

Railway over bridge station
Photo Courtesy: Tarun Bharat
Railway over bridge station
Photo Courtesy: Tarun Bharat

This bridge which is the centre of the city now has huge traffic connecting the north and south of Belagavi.

In a review meeting held in the evening DCP Amarnath Reddy and Anupam Agarwal categorically told the Past Presidents Council, Chamber Of Commerce & Industries, Belgaum that heavy vehicles will be banned on the over bridge. Infact even now officially there is a Ban on trucks but they use it by doing a golden handshake with the cops.
Now the authorities also plan to install height restriction bars so that no trucks can use it only. New Sign boards will also be installed.
Trucks which get goods from Goods shed road normally use this bridge which is officially banned. Only City buses will be allowed to use the over bridge.
This would be a welcome step but implementation is the key and mainly the PWD needs to look into the maintenance of the over bridge which it hardly does.

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  1. Bridge was built in 1905. So even after more than 110 years we have not built even a single bridge in Belgaum. Just shows the progress we have made. Sad but true. All the politicians and people in power have just built their empires and filled their coffers.


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