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Helmet is Compulsory as per the rules

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After the viral image viral on Whatsapp about Helmet rule been relaxed due to Summer heat in the in 9 districts of the North Karnataka namely Bellary, Raichur, Bidar, Kalaburgi, Koppala, Vijayapura, Bagalakot, Yadagiri, and Belagavi, the top Police personnel have clarified that Helmet is Compulsory as per the rules and there is no change what so ever in the current rules.

The Commissioner of Police and Superintendent of police have clarified,
Helmet is Compulsory as per the rules.

Traffic enforcement is also monitored by the Supreme court.

No one has given any exemption to North Karnataka or any other place.

Rider and Pillion shall wear a helmet for safety, else they will be Fined.

Someone has misinterpreted the letter.

The correct Legal position has been clarified above.


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