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Here’s how to get HSRP number plate for vehicles in Karnataka

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The Karnataka Transport Department has recently announced that all vehicles registered before April 1, 2019, must have high-security registration plates HSRP number plate by November 17. This decision was made official through a notification issued on August 17.

Failure to comply with the November 17 deadline will result in penalties for vehicle owners. The notification states that fines for non-compliance range from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000.

Here is how to order high-security registration plates (HSRP) number plate in Karnataka

Visit –

Enter the various details and Submit

Please Select Your Vehicle Brand for Booking HSRP

on clicking on Your selected vehicle brand you will be redirected to the website, outside SIAM, of OEM authorized HSRP suppliers- or as per the Vehicle Manufacturer selected

This page mentions the Prices –

2 Wheelers Average Price Range = ₹320-₹380 *
2 Weheelers – Imported / High End Average Price Range = ₹400-₹500 *
*Excluding Applicable Taxes
HSRP number plate karnataka order online

Select the Vehicle Brand and you will be redirected to the OEM site like or some other as the case may be. Click Order your HSRP NOW

On the Next Page – Vehicle Registration State – Karnataka
Vehicle Manufacturer – Select the Manufacturer

Fitment Location – Choose the Fitment location – Dealer premises

City – Choose the city
Dealer/HSRP center – Select from the drop-down menu and press Next

Enter the Vehicle Details Like Registration number, Engine and Chassis Number

Enter the Vehicle Details –
Vehicle Type, Class, Owner Name, Pincode

Then Select Address and Appointment Date

Enter Mobile and Verify OTP

Make the payment and save the invoice

That’s it your, HSRP number plate has been booked now go on the appointment date and get the same fixed with the copy of the invoice as you have to give it to the dealer.


High-security registration plates (HSRPs) possess unique features, such as a permanent identification number and a chromium-based hologram. These characteristics make it nearly impossible to tamper with HSRPs, ensuring the integrity of the registration plates. A representative from the transport department informed TOI that this initiative aims to standardize registration plates across all vehicles.

According to estimates from the transport department, a significant number of vehicles, approximately 1.75 crore to 2 crore, were registered in the state before April 1, 2019. Starting from that date, the installation of HSRPs became mandatory for all newly manufactured vehicles. However, authorized HSRP manufacturers will also be responsible for supplying plates for older vehicles. Owners of pre-existing vehicles can place orders for HSRP installation through approved dealers of vehicle manufacturers.

According to an official statement, vehicle manufacturers engage authorized suppliers of High-Security Registration Plates (HSRPs) through a competitive pricing system. The cost of HSRPs for four-wheelers may range from Rs 400 to Rs 500, while two-wheelers could see prices between Rs 250 and Rs 300. It is worth noting that this regulation for number plates is already in effect in 12 states across the country.

The primary objective behind the implementation of HSRPs is to effectively combat vehicle-related crimes and enhance overall road safety. By preventing tampering and counterfeiting of plates, HSRPs play a pivotal role in accurately identifying all vehicles on the road. To ensure compliance, authorized dealers and manufacturers installing HSRPs will be required to update the laser coding on the Vahan portal. However, it is important to highlight that vehicles lacking registration certificates, fitness certificates (for transport vehicles), or those with overdue road tax will not be eligible for HSRP installation.

HSRP number plates mandatory for all vehicles from Nov 17 in Karnataka

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