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4 persons injured as bus topples

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By uday

An incident occurred near Alarwad on Saturday morning when a NWKRTC passenger bus overturned on the road while attempting to avoid a collision with an oncoming two-wheeler, resulting in injuries to eight passengers.

The incident took place as bus number KA 22F 508 was transporting passengers from K KKOPPA to Belagavi.

While trying to avoid a collision with a two-wheeler approaching from the opposite direction, the bus overturned on the side of the road near Survana Soudha. Unfortunately, this resulted in eight passengers sustaining injuries, with one of them suffering a broken leg among the total of around 10 passengers on board.

In the unfortunate incident of the CBT bus overturning, both the lady conductor and a young girl named Sahana sustained serious injuries, while the remaining passengers are recovering from minor injuries. Based on the latest updates, it has been reported that a total of 10 individuals were traveling on the bus.

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Upon receiving reports of the incident, the North Traffic Department promptly dispatched police officers to the scene. They conducted a thorough investigation of the accident and swiftly transported the injured individuals to the district hospital for immediate medical attention.

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  1. Two wheelers coming on the wrong side & on footpaths at great speed with high beam lights (even during time) is becoming far too common. Those on the right side or walking on the footpaths are left to fend for themselves…Traffic police stand in corners at which senior citizens find it difficult to negotiate & stop them to check documents while speedsters have their way/day..! Alack & alas..!


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