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Hescom Clarification: No charges for new Digital Meter replacement

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By uday

Hescom has initiated a project to replace the outdated electro-mechanical meters with modern digital ones throughout Belagavi. The installation of these digital meters is being carried out free of charge, providing consumers with a user-friendly tool to monitor their energy usage patterns and detect any voltage fluctuations.

Unfortunately, there have been reports of some individuals demanding a fee of Rs 50 to 100 per meter for the installation. In response to these complaints, Hescom clarified that no customer should be required to pay any amount for this service.

The existing electricity meters in the city and surrounding areas are outdated, prompting the need for their replacement. However, during the installation process, certain employees have been requesting additional fees for the installation of the digital meters.

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Furthermore, frequent issues arise due to the malfunctioning of the old meters, leading to a growing demand for their removal and replacement.

Hescom urges customers not to pay any amount to have their meters replaced and encourages them to report any instances where money is being demanded for this service. The company firmly believes that the installation of digital meters will contribute to accurate billing and a reduction in customer complaints.

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