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Indigo’s Historic Landing: Belagavi Airport Welcomes Its First DELHI Flight with ILS Activation

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October 5th marked a significant milestone in the aviation history of Belagavi. It was a day that witnessed the inaugural flight of Indigo’s Delhi-Belagavi route, a highly anticipated event for the Belagavi Airport. Additionally, the inauguration of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) further added to the excitement.

The ILS, an acronym for Instrument Landing System, is a remarkable radio signal navigation aid comprising two antennas. These antennas transmit signals to receivers in the aircraft cockpit, providing pilots with both vertical and horizontal guidance during low visibility conditions. Positioned at the northern end of the runway, the glide path tower assists with vertical guidance, while the localizer antenna at the southern end offers horizontal guidance. It is important to note that departing aircraft do not utilize the ILS.

The implementation of the ILS at Belagavi Airport is a game-changer, enabling airlines and airports to operate seamlessly even in adverse weather conditions such as rain and low cloud cover. This system significantly enhances the reliability of landing at the airport. Traditionally, pilots were required to have a clear view of the runway before initiating the landing process. However, with the ILS, the decision height, or minima, has been reduced from 430 feet to 280 feet. This reduction greatly improves the chances of successful landings in poor weather conditions.

The introduction of the Delhi-Belagavi route and the installation of the ILS have fulfilled a long-standing demand of the people in the Belagavi district. This achievement is the result of our unwavering dedication and the persistent efforts of Iranna Kadadi, MP Rajya Sabha. Thanks to these endeavors, Indigo Airlines has now commenced daily flights between Delhi and Belagavi, starting from October 5th.

indigo ixg del flight

Delhi Belagavi flight

DEL 15:45

IXG 18:05

Flight Time 2:20 mins

Aircraft – Airbus A320-251N

Prices start: 5294 onwards

Belagavi Delhi Flight

IXG 18:35

Del 21:00

Flight Time 2:25 mins

Aircraft – Airbus A320-251N

Prices start: 4719 onwards

There was a huge demand for the Delhi sector as there are many Army personnel who have to travel northwards and this will help businessmen. The earlier Flight operated by Spicejet also had great occupancy levels but was closed owing to its financial issues.

Ab! Delhi Dur Nahi…

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  3. BELGAUM CITY’ is the largest city and its National ranking as a city is 40th and 100th city of India Definitely such city should have an International Airport Respected State MP SHRI Iranna Khadadi should make it possible early

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