HESCOM MD says all users have to pay bills

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By uday

Members of the Belagavi Chamber of Commerce and Industries, along with other organizations, recently met with HESCOM Managing Director Mohammad Roshan in Belagavi to discuss the high bills issued by HESCOM this month.

During the meeting, Mr. Roshan emphasized that all power consumers must pay their bills, despite complaints from some consumers about the high costs.

He acknowledged that similar issues have been raised in all ESCOMs and that the matter is being discussed at the highest levels of government. However, he stressed that all power consumers must pay their bills as they have been calculated based on all costs and expenses incurred by the ESCOMs.

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Mr. Roshan explained that the ESCOMs purchase power and distribute it through existing lines, and that all staff must be paid. Therefore, the bills issued are a reflection of the expenses incurred and there are no anomalies in them. He urged all power users, both domestic and commercial, to pay their bills without waiting for the State government’s decision on the issue.

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