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Railways must involve PWD & CCB for construction of RoBs

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By uday

It is imperative that tenders for the construction of the first and second gate Railway Over Bridge in Belagavi city be called immediately. However, before proceeding, it is crucial to finalize the design after consulting with high-ranking officials from the Belagavi City Corporation, Public Works, and Police Department.

The current road over bridges and underpasses constructed by the Railway Department is unscientific and causes significant inconvenience to the public. As a result, Minister Satish Jarakiholi has suggested that in the future, and construction of road overpasses and underpasses must involve discussions with officials from the Public Works Department to finalize the design.


Satish Jarakiholi, the Belagavi district in-charge minister, presided over a progress review meeting of various projects, including land acquisition, railway, and national highways. It is essential to prioritize the construction of the first and second gate flyover to alleviate traffic congestion and improve the overall infrastructure of the city.

It is noteworthy that the Railways have not allocated any funds for the construction of RoBs at the First and Second gates for this financial year. However, the initiative taken by the District Minister in charge is a welcome step, especially considering the disastrous outcome of the Third Gate RoB. The First and Second gates are highly congested areas with limited space available, making it imperative for urban planners to design a proper solution to address this issue.

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