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Modify the Belagavi Ring road

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Satish Jarakiholi, the Belagavi district in-charge minister presided over the progress review meeting of various projects including land acquisition, railway, and national highway directed for design modification for the Belagavi Ring road.

The construction of the Belagavi Ring Road has raised concerns among the residents of small villages such as Kadoli, Honaga, Bennali, and Agasaga. The acquisition of hundreds of acres of Fertile land for the project could potentially disrupt the lives of these villagers. Therefore, it is imperative that we take their opinions into consideration and make necessary changes to the design, the minister said.

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Minister Satish Jarakiholi urged officials from the National Highways Department and land acquisition officials to identify an alternative route in the vicinity even if the length increases by 2-3 kms. He emphasized the importance of completing the pending land acquisition process to facilitate the Halaga-Macche highway work.

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  1. Congratulations to honourable minister Satish Jharakiholi for his dynamic leadership. He has already started on right direction by bestowing his attention to improve traffic congessions by proposing flyover from Gandhinagar to Peeranawadi. This shows his concern for welfare of citizens.Keep it up.


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