HESCOM officials booked in Gaur electrocution case

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In connection with the death of an adult female Indian Gaur in Kankumbi, Belagavi district the Karnataka Forest Department booked 3 officials of the Hubli Electricity Supply Company (HESCOM).

A Gaur, that is a scheduled animal under the Wild Life (Protection) Act. had died in Kankumbi Forest Range Khanapur Taluka on Sept 24 after it came into contact with electrical fencing.

The assistant engineer of Khanapur, the section officer of the Jamboti Section, and the junior lineman of Kanakumbi of HESCOM have been booked for negligence of duty under the relevant sections of Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, and the Karnataka Forest Act, 1963.

The study tested large herbivore density calculations including those for gaur (Copyright: Siddhesh S. Nimkar)
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  1. Very good move
    All concerned Engineers
    Technicians, linemen and all related to area must be immediately arrested and put in jail after termination
    also if any Human being is electrocuted by the fault of hescom double strictier rules must followed and , all their assest must be siezed
    And given to victim without any single question asked
    But Alas its India here children die by touching poles in rainy season
    All to be booked not to be left otherwise they will do their duty like in holiday in Switzerland


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