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Hi-tech digital library named after Ravindra Koushik at Shahpur

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Govt City Library is made into a Hi-tech digital library named Ravindra Koushik e-Library to be inaugurated soon

The Belagavi smart city Ltd. Has completed the Up-gradation of government city library at Bank of India Shahpur into the hi-tech digital library at a cost of Rs.2.5 crores.

Who was Ravindra Koushik?

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Ravindra was a Research and Analysis Wing operative. Famously known as Black Tiger, he is regarded as India’s best spy to ever penetrate the commissioned officer ranks of the Pakistan armed forces. Kaushik spied for R&AW against Pakistan from 1979 to 1983.

Upgradation of government city library into HI-TECH Digital Library at Shahapur, Belagavi Part B-IT

Project Components

All-in-One Desktops
Central Library Server
CCTV Cameras with NVR
Wi-Fi Units with Cables and Accessories
LED TV 42 Inch
7” Rugged Tablets with Docking Stations
Smart Digital Library Management Platform Software
Mobile Application
Test Preparation Active eBooks (Unlimited Copies, Offline Downloadable)
Online and Offline Journals Repositor
Cognitive Language Learning for Kannada, Urdu, Marathi, English and Hindi
Smart eBooks (DRM Free, Unlimited Copies, Offline Downloadable)

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  1. It’s a very Smert building as well?, from outside. Still not visited it. Good initiative for public buildings.. Would like to know the designer.

  2. In 2.5 carore i would have been given a offline digital library entire belagavi district to every single home , school college and individual just on single click they can search any book and find any answer of there quetion ….


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