Hidkal Dam Stores 23 TMC Water, Belagavi City Secures 1.752 TMC Reserve

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By uday

Amid concerns over water scarcity in Belagavi, the Hidkal Reservoir stands as a beacon of relief, boasting a substantial water storage of 22.731 TMC. Belagavi City, heavily reliant on this water source, can breathe a sigh of relief as it holds a reserve of 1.752 TMC allocated specifically for its needs. This strategic reserve serves as a crucial solution to mitigate the perennial water shortages faced by the city.

Despite a capacity of 51.16 TMC, the Hidkal Reservoir’s allocation for Belagavi underscores its importance in ensuring the city’s water security. Even amidst modest rainfall during the previous monsoon, the reservoir’s current storage surpasses last year’s levels, a promising sign for Belagavi’s water supply.

Furthermore, the Rakskop reservoir also displays a positive trend, boasting approximately two feet more water than the previous year. This surplus water assures city authorities that the water supply can be sustained until the end of May. However, in the event of Rakskop’s depletion, the Hidkal reservoir stands ready as a dependable alternative.

Comparing this year’s water storage to the previous year, the Hidkal Reservoir marks a significant improvement. On April 9 last year, the reservoir contained 13.30 TMC of water, whereas this year, it boasts a substantial 22.731 TMC, with live water storage at 20.711 TMC.


Despite these positive indicators, the precarious situation of the Rakskop reservoir warrants attention. With its limited capacity, prolonged monsoon seasons could quickly deplete its live water storage, necessitating extraction from its dead stock.

Looking ahead, authorities must also consider long-term water management strategies, including the potential utilization of resources such as the Shirur Dam. Adequate planning is imperative to ensure water security for Belagavi in the years to come.

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