Holiday for paramedical college in Belagavi over hijab controversy

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As the controversy over the wearing of Hijab escalated at the Vijaya Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Sadashiv Nagar Belagavi, the management was forced to declare a holiday for the college.

Several girls from the institute again arrived on the campus wearing hijabs and burqas even after the college management had told them to remove their headcovers before entering classrooms.

The indefinite holiday was announced as a group of girls came to the college again wearing hijabs and burqa, unwilling to follow the guidelines issued by the institute on Saturday.

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Parents of the wards insisted that they be allowed to attend classes with the headcovers.

At the same college a couple of days back 3 persons were taken into custody when they tried to exert pressure on the college management and police to allow the hijab-clad girls inside classrooms.

As the group was trying to create a disturbance they were taken into preventive custody and let off later.

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