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Corporator demands Imposing Restrictions on Night Clubs and Pubs

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Corporator of Ward No.7 Shankargouda Patil submitted a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner Belagavi asking him to impose restrictions on illegal and irrelevant activities happening in Night Clubs and Pubs.

The memorandum says,

There is a progressive increase in the opening of new nightclubs and pubs in the town of Belgaum by which many youngsters are getting influenced and attending these clubs in large numbers which are leading to many illegal activities in the city.

These clubs and pubs do the job of deceiving and pampering young people in the name of enjoyment.

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Young people get hooked on alcohol weed and many other things because of these clubs. These clubs are luring young people in with programs like free admittance for couples and free alcohol for girls, and other similar schemes which is a cause for concern.

Rooms are being provided without verifying their details. These clubs are open until late at night, usually between 2 and 4 a.m.

I respectfully request that you investigate this matter thoroughly and set certain limits on these nightclubs and pubs, our demands are as follows:

1. These nightclubs and pubs should be completely closed by 11 p.m.

2. No free admission to anyone, regardless of gender. (There are no free couple entries.)

3. There will be no free drinks served to anyone, regardless of gender.

4. No rooms will be given to unmarried couples who do not have proof of identity and details.

5. If an error occurs, the management should be held accountable.

I strongly urge that you investigate this problem thoroughly and take appropriate action. If the Administration does not take significant action against these night clubs and pubs before February 28, we will intensify our protest against them. I hope that you conduct the appropriate investigation without being swayed by political interference.

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