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Holiday for schools and colleges Sec 144 imposed.

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Schools/Colleges have been given holiday (09/11/2019) , sec 144 imposed across Belagavi city.

Each one is Requested to maintain law,order & peace after the verdict on Ayodhya
Miscreants will be dealt with severe punishments as per the Administration

4 thoughts on “Holiday for schools and colleges Sec 144 imposed.”

  1. Whatever the verdict is let their be peace just for a peice of land please don’t shed blood. GOD doesn’t need blood shed for that peice of land nor does HE need that land . HE needs u ur loyalty love devotion believe faith.Whatever is in the Heavens n Earth GOD owns it. GOD says pray to me where ever on the Earth coz HE owns it, provided that place be clean. Please don’t fight in the name of religion. If u really wanna show respect love faith n believe in GOD then let their be peace. Please don’t harm anyone just for the verdicts. Don’t bother much for these lil things going around u in the world blood shed like immature GOD has never asked for that do only good in life .Life is short prepare for the life after the that’s more then beautiful.

  2. Let’s promote brotherhood and not violence. we stay one, we represent a great country with great history .Let’s accept any decision as it is and every one have lets be an incredible example of unity in diversity with no incidents to hamper our bond

  3. IMHO ANY and EVERY war.
    Religion is behind it.
    Look. Dig. Deep enough, And surely you’ll find it to be fact.
    Sad but once again IMHO true.

    Stay blessed ?


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