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Pyaas Foundation Rejuvenated Bailwad lake handed over to GP

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PYAAS FOUNDATION handed over the newly rejuvenated Bailwad lake in Bailhongal today. The lake belongs to the hot and arid drought-affected zone of Bailhongal. The village was once famous for the ancient temple dedicated to Siddabasaveshwara. PYAAS FOUNDATION worked in the lake for two months this summer and finished the lake before the monsoon.

The lake was handed over to the gram panchayat at the hands of Shri Siddeshwar Swamiji of Vijayapura. Shri Mahantesh Koujalgi MLA of Bailhongal, Shri Suresh Angadi Hon Minister of State for Railways, Karnataka Rajyotsav awardee Shivaji Anna Kagnikar and hundreds of villagers from Bailwad and surrounding villages were present to witness the handover.

When the work started there was a mountain of hard rock and rubble. This was one of the numerous attempts at the lake, and everyone gave up when they hit the hard rock surface. It was a Herculean effort by PYAAS to finish the lake despite hurdles.

Pyaas Foundation Rejuvenated Bailwad lake

Pyaas Foundation Rejuvenated Bailwad lake
Pyaas Foundation Rejuvenated Bailwad lake

The lake is over eleven acres and is now fully up to the brim and overflowing for the first time in fifteen years. After a span of ten years, the bore well surrounding the lake is also revived and full of water.

The lake was funded by Shri Mohan Ragahwan of Bhoomi and Shri Kishor Badani of Diamond Metal screens along with several other donors. The villagers expressed satisfaction in the completion of the lake and vowed to protect it in the future. This is the ninth lake rejuvenated by PYAAS FOUNDATION.

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  1. NEVER GIVE UP! is what v learn n PYAAS teaches us. Reading the news my heart is at peace. Heartly congrats to the PYAAS foundation. Keep going, keep doing the Good work much more good work is to come. And we are sure that u will never let ur NEVER GIVE UP strategy down.


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