Holiday for schools on 6 & 7 Aug in Belagavi


Holiday for schools on 6 & 7 Aug in Belagavi

The Belagavi district administration has declared two days holidays for all schools on August 6 and 7 to schools in Belagavi and Chikkodi Education district excluding Ramadurg taluk in view of heavy rains in the Belagavi district. 


S B Bommanahalli, Deputy  Commissioner Belagavi in his order mentioned that the district was receiving heavy rains and due to the rising level of water in the rivers above the danger level.
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  1. Only school and college are getting holiday in heavy rain what about working guys. Each and Every person who is working in a company should get holiday when they is heavy rain they also suffer due to heavy rain travelling is the worst part in rain. each and every thing from top to toes due is getting wet due to rain So please look into the matter.

  2. Those who all asking for college holidays, you not kids and you can handle your situation. If you go for job you have just shut your mouth and just have to go. This will be Practice for you. Good luck.

  3. Becz of heavy rain in belgaum city..all the low lying area like om nagar many houses r inundated…people can’t come out of home as roads are closed becz of storm water…so many reptilian have occupied the seat….no rescue people ….no corporation officials r visiting….gov’t officials r collecting the road tax but nothing has occured….so days are worst in pm nagar….

  4. College should have also given holidays because everyone does not have car to go to college and many of them come by walking till now water level is also high and our bags our uniform get wet and due to no current and darkness we will not be able to see anything

  5. Please declare holiday for college also it’s very difficult to reach college from far places they don’t even get buses on time so ?? college student also needs holiday

  6. We college students are also suffering frm these rains, it’s difficult to travel with these pot hole roads filled with water and going with wet bags to college.

  7. We college students are not super heroes to reach reach college without getting wet even we go through same transport by which the school students travel. We are not waterproof. Plz don’t comment against college students holiday

  8. If we would work we could take holiday because due to this rain the students are falling seek gvt only gave holiday to school y clg students are not students they won’t fall seek they won’t study atlest the schools are in the villages but clg are in towns and there is problem of transport how to travel if something went wrong then who is responsible for it

  9. #Vinay
    We students should come to college from long distance.Coming to college is not that big problem.

  10. Grow up college guys u are not kids to ask holidays. If you were working some where would u ask for holidays. Company will cut ur salary. Grow up

  11. We students of collages are suffering. Please we also want holiday. It’s very heavy rain and many students come from far places.

  12. Ur right..everytime happens, today all dress were wet n couldn’t even handle my bag correctly n books were wet, y this discrimination to us???
    Nt fr enjoyment v need holiday coz transportation prblm occurs ….n evn vry tough to catch the morning buses

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