Hoteliers demand action be taken on DSO Nuchin

Members of the Hotel Association in Belgaum giving memorandum to ADC.
Members of the Hotel Association in Belgaum giving memorandum to ADC.

Under the banner of “The Belgaum Hotel owners association” its members in a memorandum have demanded that appropriate action be taken against district surveillance officer Jagdish Nuchin of FSSAI.

The memorandum further alleges that the officer in question is misusing his post. The memorandum says that, “ Mr.Nuchin is demanding and insisting for bribery(hafta) on a monthly basis from all the hoteliers in the city.
With reference to the cancellation of the license of Hotel Milan, procedure as per law was not followed and also that many hoteliers were harassed by the officer for no reason, the memorandum further says. 



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  1. The different associations, sanghatanas, swayam seva dal etc etc… they come on road and protest against the political matters this that and all stuff… but wat they are doing now when its the matter of family health issues… wat they are doing now when a officer is being alleged for corruption for doing a good cause…

  2. No doubt MILAN has come down on standards. Once a excellent place to dine, but recently too dirty. Cant imagine cockroaches, dirty floor, worst washrooms. Honestly it was horrible. The darshini type self service canteens joints are better. All hoteliers may have ganged up because their hotels are even worse. Except, Ajanta all will fail cleanliness standards for sure, even sanman has turned bad. Check the crockery they use, the story is clear. see how they wash. High time disposable containers are used.

    The officer may be investigated, for the allegations. Surprising, why the Uduipi / shetty associations have not approached Lok Ayukta with their Haftaa wasool complaint and making fuss after one of the hotel was closed.

  3. what nonsense is this..! Nuchin is done a good job. should be appreciated for the work. if the hotel is not clean and hygienic it should be shut. hotel owners can’t play with health of customers. shame on u people..

  4. Its true that action must be initiated against corrupt officers. But it is equally important to have clean kitchens in hotels. The photos showing the dilapidated and dirty kitchens of the raided hotels cannot be ignored

  5. I do not understand why Anni.Bhandari had to be the target of this officer.This kind of raid has not taken place with New grand and Milan.My heart goes to Bhandari family.

  6. This is again an example for corruption. It clearly indicates that a person who allegedly takes action against wrong doings will be harassed by this dirty(kitchen) hotel owners. Should wait and see what action will be taken against the office Nuchin.


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