by Sameer Majli

One expose and we suddenly wake up to a reality to which we have been selectively blind over a long stretched period of time. The truth about the food we eat is often far more gruesome even when compared with news of accidental mishaps that stare out at us from the screaming headlines. On one hand we have accidents that tell a tale of freak incidents and misfortune, on the other is the sordid saga of crimes related to rape and murder which talks of that section of society that borders on absolute insanity. Equally disturbing is the sorry state of the food we eat, both as our daily bread and to accommodate our luxurious & appetizing cravings.

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One raid at a so called prestigious eatery in town and suddenly everyone chooses of both, the conscious species and the complainants. Flashing headlines with neatly articulated images of the not-so-neat state of affairs in kitchens of age old repute, suddenly awaken us to what we have, all this while been aware of but selectively blind to. As the news dies down in a sense to make way for other anomalies in the way of life in this wonderful town of ours, it has paved the way for polarization of society in a sense. One school of thought proclaims irregularities in the manner in which the infamous raid was carried out while the other is busy generalizing and attaching the tag of irresponsibility to the owners of the numerous eateries in town.

While it would be greatly unfair to generalize and paint all in the same colours, one can recollect various instances at various hotels/restaurants where we ourselves have been witness to similar happenings. It would be rather gross to try and list out what we would have loved to be loud mouthed about and hence the restraint in expression.

We, by nature are a super tolerant race, so much so that we proudly proclaim tolerance to be our culture, something which as they say, runs in our blood and is an integral part of the Indian self.

Chance a glance at the menus that display prospective appetizing indulgences and the list seems to be ever growing with new dishes of varied origins. Another glance at the rates column will also reveal that we are paying for the same quite literally from the depths of our wallets. While inflation and the complicated and mismanaged equations of demand and supply along with the ever rising wage expectations would in a sense justify the hikes, it is also true that when we pay, we expect value for money. Do we manage to quench this aspiration of ours; your guess and testimony is as good as mine.

While the associations and authorities indulge in their own private battles over proceedures, on behalf of the citizens of Belgaum, we at All About Belgaum wish to reach out to the hotel owners to request them to exercise greater responsibility in the best interests of the well-being of their own customers.belgaum food

Cleanliness and hygiene are only a matter of method rather than that of expense. While we would still love to partake the unique and all-time favourite dietary enticements that are typical and special about each eating space, we would also love it if a greater amount of attention is paid to aspects which are quint essentials of good cooking.

Just because our digestive anatomy has managed to acquire greater resistance to disease and toxins, it does not mean that we would prefer to pay for an additional dose of the same. While we still continue to be irresponsible about the usage of toxic insecticides and pesticides which find their way into our system through the food chain, we would prefer to take great pride in the fact that we have taken our loved ones to a party where food is prepared with great care, skill and responsibility.

It would not be nice if this incident turns out to be an eye opener which prompts individuals to retire to the perfections of their household kitchens. We would appreciate it if this manages to spur caterers and the culinary experts and our choicest eateries to give us better value for money. Now that the eyes have opened, it is wise and also time to evolve to greater operational responsibility.

Please don’t let our concerns for food safety deprive us of our cravings for culinary delights that only “YOU” know how best to dish out.

Let’s hope that each “YOU” is listening.


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  1. Still the raid has not opened up the eyes of the public, still some more raids have to be carried out in some more reputed hotels and the same should be brought in the notice of public through media then only we Belgaum people can get the hygenic food in the hotels… awaiting some more such raids from the govt dept and waiting for media to put the light on such raids…


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