How the news is given by national Media


On this very blog i had posted this
The story was about Former Dy.Mayors Son Arrested for alleged terror links.
A similar story appears on the Indian Express & Tribune.

But have a loo at these stories:

Here it is said that Former deputy mayor of Belgaum city and nine medical students were detained for alleged links with outlawed Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and suspected militant Mohammed Asif who is in police custody.

Wow, see what a difference words can do in english news. Son is missing here. All those who read that will have a different view and all others who read local papers or this blog will have a different view.
I am not here by any means trying to say they are weong, but the only fact that I want to get to you is “Arresting Dy.Mayors son & arresting a Dy.Mayor should be different.”

I just thought of this post here only to get you know how the National media presents news items without much knowledge.


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