Road Humps for WHAT?


In the last week various road humps were put up all over Belgaum roads. Somewhere it was a necessity and somewhere I think the way they have been put is wrong.

Take for instance the Khanapur Road, Globe theatre to Sanchyani circle. In this 600 mtrs stretch there are 6 road humps at your service.1st one is Globe Convent cross, 2nd one is after the cross infornt of the Cantonment office, 3rd before fish market cross, 4th after the fish market cross, 5th opp.petrol bunk near police Qtrs. And the 6th just after the petrol bunk cross.

So many humps in such vicinity are causing huge traffic problems. There are no police deployed except the Globe cross. Suppose you are driving in 3rd gear you need to get back to 2nd near the hump and even before you reach your hand to go back to 3rd gear the hump is here again so again in 2nd gear only. The traffic on that specific road is also very heavy with all buses and trucks going to Goa have to take the same route. If you are behind a truck mind you cannot overtake it till Fish market when the road widens a bit.

To add to all the mess there are no sign boards. The Globe cross has one but it was put up last time when there were complaints about no signboards. And the best part is just to reach early commuters try and tale the alternate route that is try and avoid the hump and overtake by the left side which is dangerous.

In all, the motive in which they were put was good but the manner in which it is executed is wrong, that’s what I can say…


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