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And Humanity died on the spot

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You see a person get hit by a car/bike. The person is lying on the road, bleeding. Do you help or look away and walk off?

On Tuesday morning, Irene Pereria(50) resident of Hunchanhatti who was passing the road near Udyambag to go for work, was hit by a bike as she tried to cross the road ahead of a standing bus. The biker who was overtaking the standing bus had no idea who was coming from the front side and he hit the woman. The bike rider identified to be a minor name Rohit Chougule (16) also raises huge questions about the parents allowing their kids to drive.


After the accident she was lying on the road but the onlookers only stood clicking photos but no one though of helping her or calling an ambulance. It was after a while and arrival of a good Samaritan an ambulance was called, but by that time it was all over.

Psychologists say, is the growing lack of empathy in our society. These days, if you look at society, there is a focus on one’s own self. Everyone is in a mad race, and for them, their agenda is more important than someone needing help.

helping-victimsAnother factor that holds back people is the fear of police harassment. Will I get into trouble, is the first thing people think.

The Supreme Court made law guidelines designed to protect Good Samaritans, but many medical professionals, police and the general public aren’t aware of them.

People still fear harassment by police and hospitals if they shift any accident victim. The hospital’s won’t harass any person who brings accident victims to hospital for treatment and they won’t include their names in medico-legal cases. There are also clear guidelines by the Supreme Court to encourage people to save accident victims. People needn’t fear action or harassment.


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  1. I am very much against minors driving, its not only against law, but against the principle of basic duties of a parent. That said, just as a reminder : press or anybody in public domain is forbidden by law to name a minor in reference to incidents like this.

  2. Mr Editor
    I really appreciate you raised this issue…

    Let us help accident victims.. There is Supreme Court order not to harass the helper.. We must convey this message

    Study law atleast which helps our fellow citizens

    Belgaum Bar Association, DC & SP can run program on this for citizen welfare

  3. Parents should be shot dead if minors create some sort situation and that minor should relieved of any parental property for life. It is high time to control minors from driving vehicles.


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