Husband Murders wife in daylight near Fort Lake

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Husband stabbed his wife to death in the middle of the street near Fort Lake on Friday afternoon.

The shocking incident happened near Fort Lake on the road where the husband after stabbing his wife stood with the weapon.

The deceased has been identified as Hina Kauser Nadaf, 24, of Ujwal Nagar, Belagavi.

The accused husband Manzorilahi Nadaf has been arrested by the police.

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Accused husband

There was a court case going on for divorce and according to police.

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After the couple appeared before the court on Friday, the husband chased Hina Kauser and hacked her to death with a sharp weapon near Killa Lake.

The viral videos after the murder show that the accused husband was not repenting of his act and was acting very cool holding the weapon in his hand which the bystanders at first asked to put in his bag.

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