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Identify the place in the photo at Belgaum


Not such a good photo but still, it is good as you are not easily allowed to take photos there. Ram Mallaya had been trying to get this photo for over a month and he got this somehow. bgmimg

 Not a great click to his standards but, can you name the place?


 Clue: see at the Yellow spot in the centre.



  1. The tower is located in Golf ground or as usually called race coarse. It is a aircraft watch tower used as ATC now. Britishers used this tower to land small aircrafts on the ground.

  2. it is in race course ground ,it is known as Tower , Britishs were used to watch the people from the top

  3. It is the place near to Golf course(not sure about the name of the place). Very calm & pleasant. Many places in Belgaum have this charm. Belgaum rocks!!
    Thanks for having a website on Belgaum.

  4. That is called as “Minar” or “Minaar” which is near CPED/ Golf Course. It is believed to be a overhead check post during the British Era at Belgaum Cantonment area.

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