If I were an MP of Belagavi

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If I were an MP (Member of Parliament), is a very hypothetical question, but why can’t everyone believe this for a moment as in the shoes of an MP (Member of Parliament) of Belagavi.

What can I do for Belagavi? [Request all to be the “I” here and comment on this post]

Even before the Election dates to the Loksabha are not yet disclosed each and every party is trying to woo to the voter by hook or crook.

Campaigning by the candidate is more of a prewritten script who comes down from the jeep/car and falls at the feet of a few elderly persons to take their blessings and the elderly also heartily bless them as they know they will have to repeat it only after 5 years when someone like him or he himself will come back. No discussions or debates or in fact no manifesto or plans with regards to the constituency.

This time around, Social media is becoming a very important tool for campaigning. Aspirants have hooked to the Social media sites and giving updates.

AAB as a platform is ready to showcase each of the candidate’s manifestos and what they intend to do for Belagavi, once elected which is of more importance to us, may it be from any political party.


AAB calls upon all the readers to come forward and make some points as to what these ‘to be MP’ should have or should carry out when they eventually become one.

Some might just say what is the use in discussing it all here when nothing is going to happen. So what, let’s make a start, all parties boast of making the use of the internet as the best tool for reaching the voters, Then someone might just read it and respond.

If we fall behind now, we will never come forward.

ASK the Candidates Tough questions it is our RIGHT If we DONT vote for them They are NoBody. Make your Vote count.

5 thoughts on “If I were an MP of Belagavi”

  1. At the outset ,make people aware of what development should be expected from a Member of Parliament.
    Eg.citizen might complain about garbage,which is not his responsibility.its a corporator responsibility.

  2. I think a good strategy to move ahead with any city’s development is to build on the current facilities and infrastructure. It is like a “launchpad” for the “development shuttle”.

    1) Build a robust Aerospace Manufacturing Hub- Considering that one of the largest Aero parts supplier is in town (Aequs) and also, other local industries which cater. Try to get companies like Boeing, Airbus, Mahindra Aerospace and even other major aerospace manufacturers as the infrastructure is right here. Club it with cheaper land cost compared to larger cities. It would create not just technicians job but also lot of jobs in mechanical, industrial & aerospace engineering- considering there are more than 7 engineering colleges in and around the city. Access to NH4 is easy and so is access to Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai with Airport up and running.

    2) Creating Automotive OEMs hub- Belgaum’s Foundry cluster is second largest in India after Coimbatore. It’s major clients are in the sector of Automotive with major supplies to Tata, Mahindra, Suzuki. What if, Belagavi builds on this and create the right infrastructure for Automotive OEMs to set up manufacturing in Belagavi ? Again, similar to point 1, Jobs would be created, easy access to airports, NH-4, and right engineering talent.

    3) Accelerating road infrastructure, electricity & water network through smart cities venture- Utilize and harness the opportunity and utilize allocated money for the same to develop more major roads in residential areas and commercials areas too.

    4) Ambitious target of electrification in vehicle sector & developing charging infrastructure- Considering future trends in mobility, the city needs to start thinking and implementing road-maps for charging stations. Similarly, through state based subsidies, strategy for electrification of vehicles- 4 wheelers, bikes, auto rickshaws. At the same, update buses to hybrids/completely electric which would contribute less towards pollution and quieter environment.

    5) Developing city centers and easing traffic- Here I propose to ban parking of outside (non central city area residents) 2 wheelers & cars and create more parking lots around the area for their parking. This is to ease traffic in the city area. To enhance connectivity, increase the rickshaw network for commute. The advantage there would be that people will either walk or take the rickshaw but not park their vehicles anyway they want, which would be a relief for locals there.

    6) More enforcement for improper garbage disposal & public spitting- Technology driven, CCTV monitoring based enforcement to maintain proper garbage disposal and fine the people who spit publicly or do not dispose the garbage properly. To enforce this, more robust network of public garbage disposal systems with smart features like- auto close off lid when garbage filled (to avoid any overflow), similarly a screen to tell the user where the nearest open and functioning garbage disposal is.

  3. Will it be possible for our new MP to give his updates or every month end as like our PM.

    I request our current MLA’s also to give a update on every month what they have done by publishing it local News paper or sites.

    At the same time local corporators should do the same, by posting his updates on whatsupp (which include local residents)

  4. 1. Now that Belgaum is under UDAN scheme, good connectivity to the airport from Belgaum city.
    2. The roads of Belgaum are in a bizarre state. The college Road, Fishmarket road and so many roads have been worst. All the roads need improvements and all roads should have road marking liners.
    3. Information boards at all major junctions.
    4. Street lights to be installed on the lake road and on the Kanbargi road
    5. Auto ka meter down Karo, the autos charge heavily for commuting within the city.
    6. Plan and set up an IT park in Belgaum. Infosys has started operations in Hubli, why not get other IT companies to Belgaum, this improves job for Belgaumites.
    7. Start of Volvo city buses
    8. A ban on the fully packed school autos, not more than 4 children in a school auto.
    9. Though Belgaum has talents in sports; we don’t have good amenities and facilities for sports. Complete the sports center which is left unfinished near Ashok Nagar.
    10. The road from Kolhapur Circle to RTO circle lacks road divider and no street lights on this lane.
    11. Every time, a minister from the Central Cabinet visits Belgaum, only the road in front of Circuit House gets repaired, the roads from circuit house to bus stand is always ignored. The roads in front of the bus stand and the wholesale vegetable market roads to be developed.
    12. The corporation and Rotary club operate a swimming pool. Other sports facilities to be started with the same model. Turfed football/Futsal ground, badminton courts etc etc.
    13. Close the pedestrian crossing of the road on College Road. A walk-over bridge to facilitate students cross the road safely.
    14. A multi-level parking facility around Ramdev Galli, Ganapathi Galli, and surrounding areas. its pending since a very long time.

    Few of the above points might not be the responsibility of the MP, but a letter or orders to the concerned departments might help things fall in place


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