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Illicit 239 litres of Goa Liquor seized

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By uday

In the early morning hours toady, Deputy Superintendent of Excise from Belagavi Sub Division, along with his team of dedicated Excise Inspectors from Belagavi Zone No-2, gathered on the road connecting Bijagarni Village to Kavaliwadi Village in Belagavi taluk. Their purpose was to conduct a thorough roadblock and vehicle inspection, ensuring the safety and legality of the transportation of goods.

During their operation, their attention was drawn to a white Ashoka Leyland company four-wheeler goods vehicle, bearing the registration number KA-22C-9398. Suspicions arose, prompting the team to delve deeper into their investigation.

To their astonishment, hidden within the vehicle’s partition, they discovered a staggering total of 239.400 liters of Goa liquor. This illicit cargo was cleverly concealed in 760 bottles, comprising nine different types of alcohol intended for sale within the state of Goa.

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This discovery shed light on a clandestine operation, revealing the unlawful smuggling of alcohol across state borders. The team’s diligent efforts had successfully intercepted this illegal activity, preventing the distribution of these goods in an unauthorized manner.

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