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Inauguration of Suvarna Vidhan Soudha to cost 15 crores

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The mega structure built at Belgaum Suvarna Vidhan Soudha for which about 410 crores have been spent, another 15 crores would be spent on its inauguration.

The amount being spent includes the beautification of Belgaum especially places nearby where the president is visiting, stay, food of representatives etc . The circuit house which was built last year at a cost 1 crore now another 1 crore have been spent on its renovation as the president will be resting there for about two hours along with the Governor.DSC01697

Just as it happens a make up is being applied to dividers, circles, gardens etc. Rs.5.5 crore have been approved for the city corporation.
The PWD has sent a proposal of 8 crores, but has begun work already.

A new garden is being made in less than 24 hours at the circuit house. All hotels have been booked for accommodating all the representatives, officials who will be here for the visit.

If we recollect, Rs.17.6 crores was paid as compensation to the farmers on which the mega structure is standing now.

Meanwhile the Shiv Sena has urged President Pranab Mukherjee not to attend the inauguration of the SVS building as “This is a disputed area and the matter is sub judice”

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29 thoughts on “Inauguration of Suvarna Vidhan Soudha to cost 15 crores”

  1. ……. and Govt say they don’t have enough money to provide SUBSIDY on food grains, fertilizers, Petroleum Products, housing & Infrastructural project.

    Wah re Sarkar tera nyaya………………

    • Well 2 structures have come up one is High Court Bench at Dharwad & the other is Suvarna Vidhan Soudha at Belgaum. Both utter waste of public funds as none are really going to help the common man. The legal system in India is a liability on the Government & to facilitate this you spend a lot on structure called High Court bench. Why liability because instead of solving the problem it allows a problem to created & then a huge government machinery (Police, Court etc ) to solve that problem.

      Then the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha structure very difficult to understand why the offices where ministers would function need to be so huge & costly. What If the same funds would have been used for a university, hospital, a manufacturing industry, this certainly would have been good for mankind. We pay Rs 35 as tax when we buy Petrol & these funds should not be wasted for the luxury of ministers. Farmers get 18 Crores as compensation for their land & the govt just smokes out 15 Crores on a day function. It is mafia looting my country.

  2. Shiv Sena has no rights on Karnataka people, karnataka land,Karnataka events.Also it has no rights on president , to tell what to do and what not.Pranab mukharjee is the president of India,he knows what to do and what not.Stop playing politics,and editor should not publish any of such comments given by shiv Sena ,MES, etc who are always playing politics and disturbing the minds of the people of Belgaum who are staying in peace,and want to stay in peace.

    • Mr. Nitin Who are you to tell editor what to publish & what not to in his blog. When MES or Shiv Sena plans to organize any activity or Melava, it is opposed states the dispute is in supreme court and kar-natak Govt on organize VKS, Build Suvarna Soudha, changing the city name. kar-natak govt has no right to hurt the feeling of marathi People. karnatak govt and or pro-kannada organissation are not letting us to either live peacefully or protest openly.

      • Where Karnataka govt is hurting Marathi people man..!!you are free to conduct any events which is related to your culture/caste/language etc,but it should not be against the state,in whoch you are living.If Kannadadiga’s protest against Maharashtra govt in Solapur etc.Do they keep quiet?? Belgaum is in Karnataka,and Karnataka govt/people had all rights on its land.
        Regarding Mahamelav etc etc etc events by MES,shiv sena,they all are playing politics ,As I have already mentioned in my previous comment,but you people are not understanding it.They want to expand their empire.thats it.I think even Raj Thakery has said this once.(hope you are aware of this.It was given in almost all news paper)
        Yes,I dont have right to tell editor,but being a belgaumite I said this,as it MAY disturbe the minds of the people in the border region.

        • We are forced to live in this state and not allowed to speak against it, if we do then late-charge & jail; and even sometime sarkari bullets (gunshot). As far as people of Solapur, if they are happy residing in MH, let them be happy; if they have got problem with MH Govt. Let they protest. About Raj Thakery’s comment , once Ex prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi himself had said that Mahajan Commission’s report was biased, illogical and is against people’s wish. Karnataka Govt is just playing with the feeling of Marathi People.

          • ” late-charge & jail; and even sometime sarkari bullets (gunshot). ” are taken by all those people(Kannada as well as Marathi) who involve in protest,if the situation goes to that extint then police are forced to do.
            We (Karnataka people as a whole) have never forced anyone to stay in karnataka. 🙂
            why should any one stay in the place where they are not comfortable and are forced to stay?

        • Nitin-You have displayed your ignorance enough. The building of SVS is in itself a political action. The karnatak government has no business wasting tax payers’ money on a structure like this at a disputed location. It is a way of asserting their identity in Belgao. SVS moving to Belgao equals more and more people from interior karnataka move to Belgao and change the demographics of the region. You can bet your behind, no Marathi people from Belgao are going to be employed at SVS.

          • I do agree , that theres a lot of money invested for the structure.But the motive for which its constructed , is also important(only time will tell us to what extint this structure would be used by the govt for betterment of the NK region).You cannot call this as a political action,obviously it seems political from your perspective.Belgaum is in Karnataka,but its being made as a disputed land,unfortunately,by some political parties,with some people as supporters.Karnataka is not snatching other’s property, but attempts are being made to protect/preserve its own property.

  3. Its a moment of pride…

    and many here are burnning on ashes…..

    and Uday… please cover the news… As a media you cant publish your openions here

    What do you mean by Farmers would got so much money ?

    • To all,

      To people who supporting MES,
      Hey guys lets join your hands in such auspicious moments, rather than putting your hands and making it dirty. City should be grown in all the ways.. from scratch to sky..

      Do protest for making city to grow its higher rather than bringing disturbance…
      if you guys don’t want any jobs in SVS that’s fine.. Dont do..

      @Ramchandra Bhonsle: No one forcing you to stay here.. you all are equally can go and stay in Maharashtra but don’t say we are forcing.

      We in Karnataka(belgaum) are not making any kind of trouble to marathis as you mention saying that we are not allowing you to live peacefully, we equally love all the ppl. as you mention one more thing peaceful protest.. why the hell you want to do protest first of all.. why do you guys make black day on nov 1( karnataka rajyostava) you guys stop doing these things we will also stop opposing protest..

      Ramchandra, you first of all, respect where you live, where you eat then you speak.. just putting space between karnataka as kar-natak doesnt make diff.. if you spit in sky, your face will get dirt not sky…

      Last message: leave this Maharastra, karnataka problem we are indian…. just enjoy that respect wherever you will be… join your hands to make each even memorable rather than spoiling it… we respect to maharastra, as well as marathis.. no fight only love… we are one. guys…

      Jai india.. Jai karnataka, Jai maharashta,

    • I somehow feel Belgaum shluod be made a Union territory maybe that will solve all the problems. I am a Kannadiga, i love speaking Marathi .. I have a lot of frens who are Marathas. All are working hard and progressing. Our city Belgaum(neither Belgaon nor Belgavi) has the potential to grow as a unique prosposition. If all the citizens of Belgaum concentrate on issues like productivity, entrepreneurship and sustainibility, we can reach a magical destination. It pains me , to see ppl discussing uncessary topics like wheather Belgaum shluod be in X or Y state. Ours is a proud place, where we are multilingual due which we have an advantage of working in any of atates X or Y , we have such great educational culture, musical and traditional practices which are mixed with the pleasant fusions of new trens malls, eateries which are so special like Shetty’s, Niyaz, Himalaya, UB, Ajanta and so on .Am now working in B’lore, where everything is saturated ! And feel so pained that i am not in the happening place Belgaum.. Guys n gals letz crap the shit and keep maoving towards progress and towards achievement .. Lets make Bgm a global destination. Kudos the effort of allaboutbelgaum n Uday !!Grt going guys..

  4. Dear Editor,

    Its a humble request to you is that please so publish whatever news is and facts. Have the comments section to express your views…and not the actual news post.

  5. Globally heaven Jammu & Kashmir is called as disputed border area. Then also Indian Govt keen to develop that area, b coz people staying there are indians. Same applicable to Belagavi.

  6. What hetrage/dissatisfaction seen by marathi”s here…
    Oh god,,,
    Some people don’t want to show their name, but still want to publish their with a tag MES supporter,,,
    What a life – when you dont want to show your identity….

    Common guyz,,, enough,,, I know – U know,, you / MES / Maharashtra cant shake a single grass root of Karnataka, still fighting,,, cant you be part of our society n live peacefully together ?

    When will you stop this non-sense ?

    I think if you marathi”s go to Germany/US or other part of the world , there also you try to conduct Kala divas, marathi implementation etc ….

    be a roman when are you rome,,, as today you are in Karnataka…

    If you marathis win the case in supreme court For sure we/(the belgaumites) will follow the maharashtra laws,,,

    OK naa ?
    Till then be obay the current laws n order,,,,

  7. If President comes and inaugates the new tarun bharat office or lokmanya office in belgaum, does that mean that President is supporting the M.E.S ?

  8. Guys!
    Y u r becoming so religious?( earlier we were like brothers) we all know wht is d fact? wht we need? and y we r so curious, disturbed and scared??( we want somthing Gr8 for Belgaum).I think Belgaum is Belgaum, Its our Paradise n every one luvs it as Mother. What do u say? Did u see any kannada person fighting wid marathi person for language( not personal stuffs)???? I am Belgaumeits nd I love my home town and m sure u ppl also love it like any thing, I dont want any thing, just I want to see ma belgaum at next level, at most upper level like Pune, Bangalore, etc ( Den only every poor person can grow up, every buddy can get settled, every one can grow wid world)
    Guys wht d hell ? y you r stretching this border issue? we all knows wht is d fact n reality. Belgaum Has Marathi majority but trust me am origin of Belgaum and I know wht is d reality. yes 75% of Belgaum, Nipani, and Khanapur Taluka is belong to marathi ppl.( n rest all is Kannada) Suppose If Maharashtra get justice in Supreme Court den it will become part of maharashtra. But we dont want to break it ( Belgaum) in to two parts. It will be like other backward dist like Latur, gadag, Karwar-Nanded, Jalgaon-Bijapur etc.
    Now Karnataka Govt is making it Second Capital den y we sud not appreciate it? Its Gud for our native ppl and our next generation. Guys wht is der in name? Karnataka-Maharashtrea? does it makes any difrnc on Belgaum or on its Pppl? But yes am strongly oppose of MES and some KRV, they r just playing wid Marathi-kannada ppl for sake of (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj )Mard Maratha and Veer Rani Kittur Channama nd the name of Bhagava -Red Yellow. They just creating disturbance, violence and crating distances in our relation (kannada-Marathi which earlier we did’t have).
    But also I Appreciate them because they made to wake up Karnataka Govt n forcing for development and attention on BGM. Because of them only Belgaum is became second Capital else Hubli-Dharwad wud have become. (sorry m selfish here about my home city but trust me i love my whole region from Kolhapur to Hubli-Dharwad n I consider its one Part ).

    But now the time is come to wake up n come up wid new dream, new Belgaum,

    I request u dont entertain any political party, don’ get influenced n Stop hurting each other’s emotions n stop spoiling the Belgaum’s better future n growth. so am oppose of some leader as dey r not serious of growth just wanna show some power as dey want publicity n dey don have any career n trying to make busy themselves in such dramas .
    I request u all plz stop fighting with each other, if u want to fight den fight wid political ppl nd Govt for better DEVELOPMENT of our paradise. Make it one of d Best place in both state and yes some times i call ma self Goan also n it does nt effect me as being Marathi.
    Guys in person we know dat, each of us dont have ne prob n from our birth we are respecting each other then in between y so much of ego? y so much of distance? stop hurting each other feeling n come wid new emotions.we will get everything.

    This is not to hurt any one, not any marathi n not ne kannada. I knw it !! if I hurt u den finally it will Hurt me defiantly.
    So come up with joined hands n say I am From Belgaum n I love belgaum n say Belgaum Is Gr8!! .

    Plz Dont use any informal words for us, we are also Kannada n Marathi. dont be so selfiesh abt ur ego!.

    Sare jahan se acha, Hindosata Hamara!
    Hum Bul-bulein hai isakee!
    Yeh Gulsithan Humara!
    Sare jahan se acha, Hindosata Hamara!!

    • Agree with most of the points in your post but you quoting that marathi speakers are in majority in belgaum district is factually wrong coz it is kannada speakers who are in majority as far as the entire district is concerned, precisely which is why justice mahajan refused to accede these areas to maharashtra.Anyway the nation as of now is faced with problems galore that it is absurd to create non-existing conflicts which help no one but unscrupulous politicians.

    • You have nailed it buddy!!! That’s what We have been trying to express… When Belgaum is made the second capital…state level functions being organised at Belgaum…etc.. Some people feel Kar Govt is wasting money…Now when roads are being redone.. being cleaned etc…even if it for this function or whenever functions are being organized but alteast in the process our city is getting benefited for this…!…

      • Dude! I clearly mentioned my majority proportion, plz read it again,
        Btw we r not here to prove whtr its marathi’s belgaum or Kannada’s belgaum. Its our own belgaum. Wht do u say?
        Jus fight for its growth n peace. not for its piece !!

        Dear Rohan, Thanx for understanding,, thts wat we r lookin for,, if state govt is spending money In bangalore for infrastructure and development then y not for Belgaum? why sud we bother abt? we are contributing for metros development den y we are thinkin that Govt is spending our money ? Instead of think we r getting benefited, can u imagine how its helping to generate income for our native ppl? If city has such kind of activities defiantly we will be generating income (directly or Indirectly) say thanx to dem who made to Make it second Capital. Ya i will be thank full to Mr Prabhakr Kore, Mr Suresh Angadi n other leaders and also MES and Marathi ppl who forced dem to wake up,
        what do u say?

  9. hey guys we are like brothers and dont fight with each other, just be calm and think there is no one is forcing at anything …. i agree that some people facing problem in govt offices that they cant get right & clear directions but its not solution by putting the belgaum in maharastra you have to understand that these politiciance are playing with you guyz .. pls support for good things….& I think atleast this much of machority all are having & its just a real fact ……………and i apologise for my bad english


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