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Incomplete road work takes a life

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In another unfortunate accident a youth was killed as his bike slipped on the gravel kept on the road side near RPD college.

Mahesh Takkekar aged 30 of Onkar Nagar was moving towards Vadgaon from RPD when his bike slipped on the gravel kept on the road side and he was grievously injured in the accident.

He was shifted to the Hospital but succumbed to his injuries on Saturday evening.

Eye witnesses have said that his bike slipped over the gravel kept on the road side.

The Smart city hasn’t completed it works as yet and it is the same in the entire city. Not even a single road is complete.


Now will the Smart city take responsibility of this?

This is not the first instance where a life has been lost due to incomplete works taken up by the Smart city?

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  1. Please also report whether or not the two wheeler riders were wearing helmets or not.. please also report whether wearing helmet would have saved their lives or not. This is important for us parents to talk to our wards. Our kids are smarter. Hence request earnestly.

    • You are right. Helmets can save the life only but helmets can’t avoid accidents and injuries. Kids may be smarter but the concern is of those kids who ride the bikes without license and those riding bike above the speed limit again without or with license…
      Parents before giving the bikes to underage riders must think about their kids life and safety also.

  2. This smart City project whatever it is, it’s nothing but inviting deaths for which the concerned authorities are accountable. None of the riads are safe to drive even during daylight leave alone nights. Why isn’t there timeframe for contractors and if not completed why isn’t there penal action. This rubbish road work is going on since long. Pray God that Prime minister or any cabinet minister visits Belagavi so that roads get bettered in the shortest duration as only ministers have life..


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