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Pink toilets in Belagavi soon

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This is a significant innovative step towards creation of a hygienic public restroom for women, the Belagavi city corporation plans to setup 20 Pink toilets in the city.

Already an agency has identified areas where the need is the most.

This initiative to build toilets specifically for women and children, can address their health and hygiene concerns as well as follow the recommendation of the city sanitation plan.

It is vital to ensure that accessing hygienic toilets with sanitary napkins and facilities for their safe disposal is not a challenge. 

A road map for the next 25 years has been prepared under the city sanitation plan.

A DPR is being made ready and would be sent to the Govt for approval.

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Many cities already have implemented such initiatives, and this is a welcome step for Belagavi.

Usually a pink toilet exclusively for women and adolescent girls also provides sanitary napkins and incinerators will be an extraordinary initiative and a model to emulate. 

20 Blue toilets for men have also been planned under the city sanitation plan.

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  1. Its to be done immediately as the toilet that are used by mens or womens are very pathetic in the condition in the bus stand area…it’s not to be idea to be done it’s should be compulsion which came after so many years in the mind…water that are used so dirty you can’t touch it…but still public touch water because of no options…no maintenance,no cleaners nothing…


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