Intelligent Smart poles installation begins

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The Belagavi smart city ltd has commenced the installation of the Intelligent Smart poles at as many as 9 locations in the city.

We have seen them installed at Shri Basveshwar Circle and Gogte Circle.

The poles will also have a panic button and all the poles will be connected to the Command Control center, so in case of an emergency the panic response will be routed to the police from the Command center.

These poles have huge LED screens installed which would be sharing live updates about traffic and some other announcements.

For instance, if there is a traffic jam or slow movement of traffic the same would be displayed so the commuters can decide on the route to take.

Intelligent Smart poles smart city The poles will have Environmental Sensors to monitor Air quality, temperature, humidity and other 9 levels. Even Wi-Fi hotspot services for the city can be operated from this pole.

The location where such screens/poles have been installed – Rani Chennamma Circle, Krishnadevaraya Circle, Ashoka Circle, Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj Circle, Gogte Circle, Basveshwar Circle, KPTCL road, RPD Cross, Vadgaon main Road.

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  1. With all the unfinished roads, dug up gutters, uncollected garbage etc. pending, THIS is being given top priority??? ?‍♂️

    Also I can’t wait for google to start it’s report card scoring of websites. They will soon start issuing scores / grades to each site before one can click on them. The score is based mainly on how slow the site is due to the PLETHORA of ads placed on a single page. I cannot wait to see how All About Belgaum fares.

    Saving this comment in case FREEDOM FOR THE PRESS AND ONLY FOR THE PRESS is implemented @editor.


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